British Teacher John Gave a Lecture on “Studying Abroad”

Release time:2021-6-11 15:15:30

On the afternoon of June 1st, the International Office invited John, a British teacher from College of Humanities, to give a lecture entitled "Studying Abroad".


John has been working in our university for 9 years and has rich experience in English teaching. In the lecture, John spoke slowly to make everyone understand his messages. He put forward some suggestions and learning plans for students to study abroad. For example, making more local friends, visiting local famous scenic spots, learning local characteristic language, understanding local culture and so on. He also mentioned that many overseas students will encounter various difficulties and setbacks when they study abroad. Mr. John made a comprehensive analysis of the difficulties that foreign students may encounter and divided the studying-abroad process into five stages: "honeymoon period", "crisis period", "adjustment period", "adaptation period" and "integration period". Meanwhile, he made specific suggestions according to the characteristics of each stage for students.


In this sharing session, students not only learned about the matters when studying abroad, but also improved their English listening ability through this full-English speech. The International Office is committed to using the international resources of the school to create a better international learning environment for students. It is hoped that students can have the courage to communicate with foreign teachers in their daily study to improve their oral and listening skills and expand their international vision.