Professor Joseph Dennehy Completed the Courses for Class of International Trade 2019

Release time:2019-10-18 16:14:06

On September 27th, Joseph Dennehy, who is the professor of Dublin Institute of Technology Business School, had completed a three-week teaching-course in microeconomics. This is his fourth term of teaching the students majoring in International economics and trade. Professor Joseph Denehy is rigorous in teaching. He gathers feedback from students and makes adjustment accordingly. And this time, he also cooperated with the teachers of the University English Teaching and Research Section in order to jointly develop new teaching methods.


Professor Joseph Dennehy usually assigns work before and after the class so that the students can fully participate in the discussion of a topic. He’s an expert in making group discussions and teamwork. In the process of interacting with the students, professor Joseph Dennehy combines his fluently English with unique teaching style that deeply attracts every student. This unique teaching style not only allows students to learn professional knowledge, but also stimulates students' enthusiasm and interest in learning English, and makes students aware of the importance of listening and speaking at the same time. Under the guidance of excellent professional foreign teachers, students in Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology have learned a lot.


The professor also helps with students’ English pronunciation and grammar skills while teaching professional knowledge. Although the three-week study is over, the professor still helps the students to improve their English.


Professor Joseph Dennehy believes that students are smart and eager to learn actively with a sensible teaching style. In this way, students not only learn professional knowledge in English, but also improve their English skills and broaden their international horizons.



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Source: BGD News (Chinese)